Ethnicity –the big touchy subject

Dear Reader,

Please ignore my native younger self who wrote this article and was not very well enough versed with racism living in the multicultural Canadian. Not staying it is not an issue in Canada but as it is less blatant I did not catch on to it much back then. 

This is a touchy subject and it doesn’t help that I am a Caucasian speaking on this topic. But personally I’ve never wanted to be white, it has always bothered me that I have this deathly pale skin when my eyes are nearly black and my hair is naturally dark brown. Ever since I was in junior high I’ve wished away my ethnicity and for the past two years I’ve constantly  dyed my hair red or blonde so that I wouldn’t feel like a freak. I go by the name Myn Kobayashi because it’s Japanese and I’ve wished I was half Japanese or half something, anything but the little white girl with the dark hair.

But am I wrong? God made me and I should be happy with who I am right? Right.

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I know a lot of people from other cultures who are  unhappy with who they are. Just because Hitler was a creep who felt like saying that Aryans were the superior race, especially the blonde ones doesn’t mean it is true. Personally I’d be happy if all white people intermarried so that the race would cease to exist. We’ve only been the world power since Europe took the world stage, before that all the leading powers were mostly Arab (and the Chinese were pretty advanced but also very separated too much to be a world power at that point in history). All said and done, God made you the way you are for a certain reason.


Just like Amy Carmichael, as a child this girl use to pray to God every single night that he would make her brown eyes blue and then every morning she’d jump out of bed and run over to her mirror and look at her eyes yet they stayed the same. When she got older she became a missionary and went to India, were she dedicated her life to free the girls who were temple prostitutes. Amy would dye her skin with coffee beans wear a scarf to cover her brown hair and go to the temples and pretend to be the girl’s mother in order to leave the temple freely with the girl. Yet if Amy Carmichael had been born with blue eyes it would of been a dead giveaway. Something she saw as a flaw saved thousands of girls.

Your race is a gift not a curse! It makes you unique. Even me with my freaky white skin next to my dark eyes and hair. God made you who you He wanted you to be for a reason, Even though you may not know and I know it sounds  like the old dumb “be yourself” speech but it’s true. So start living it.

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