Every Teenager’s Favourite Topic . . Dating!

Dear Reader

So this is my first post so please extend grace.

I have an opinions not very commonly shared by either the Christian community or the secular one. I do not advocate for teenage relationships but I do not denounce them either. I have just turned sixteen and I have grown up being good friends with males. Yet I think there are some valuable things you must acquire before entering a relationship if you want it to last until demise. You must be rational, careful and emotionally clear.

Image result for teen couplesRational: So the first thing one must think about is the logic of this relationship. I think people mature differently therefore an age appropriate for dating also differs. Yet one is in grade ten and the other is a freshman in university it might be wise to evaluate and decide to wait until both are in the same stage in life. Another example of questions to think about is where are you both headed? I want to do missions work with At Risk Youth so it would be pointless to date a guy who would not support me in such an endeavour or his future plans contradicted mine.

These are not easy things to think about when you really like someone but it still important to step out of the situation and think independently from your feelings. Another thing to carefully consider is if you are christian does this person profess faith and if so are they mature enough in their walk to challenge and grow alongside you?

Careful: You need to be careful not to set your mind on anyone before it’s set in diamond. It is easy for both girls and guys alike to get carried away with crushes and hopes of the future it is good to remember that you are still young and he or she might not be the one. Doesn’t mean that you can’t date them just be careful now to avoid heartbreak later.

Related imageAlso be careful when you meet a new person allow time for them to be a friend before you try to think of them as more because a solid friendship base always brings about a better relationship.

Emotionally Clear: Everyone is driven at the core by emotions. But if you are to make rational and logical decisions then you must take time to think about whether you should date this person and pray about or or maybe ask a trusted friend. There is no shame in ‘thinking about it.’ Then after a few days either make a move or reply to the move that has already been made. It is really important to talk things out before just ‘having a thing.’

-Myn Kobayashi


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