The World of Sex, Virgins and Prostitutes

I just turned sixteen and I shouldn’t be a virgin

and I should have watched porn by now if I was statistic

Is there a cycle between our thoughts becoming our actions and the our habits? What is the link between lust, pornography and prostitution?  

One might of guessed I’m not big into skipping over controversial subjects and this is one of the biggest for me. Canada and the United States are tied for the youngestThe World of Sex, Virgins and Prostitutes average age to lose virginity in the entire developed world.  A long with this all of Canada has legal prostitution as does states in the U. S. and several other developed countries.

Over the last few years there has even been a pimping case involving ringleaders my age and in high school in my city. It begs the question how did we get here? How is prostitution legal and only pimping and soliciting illegal in my beloved country?

At only fifteen, half of people have been sexually active as I had my sixteenth birthday last week this seems bizarrely young and yet I know it to be true from walking the halls.

Where did innocence and childhood go?

I plan to be a virgin when I marry,  yet I am very alone in this as only 9% of virgins wish to remain so until after marriage (this number does not account for those who are sexually active as we have discovered are most before age of majority). Still more surprising is that 51% of young adults who have been sexually active in the past expect to have sex in the first month of their relationship.

Prostitution is the largest and most dangerous industry in the world!  1 in 10 men in the United States employ a prostitute throughout their life. In China it is 1 in 4 (that equals out to 80% of the male population of the largest populated country in the world!). In Korea 1 in 5 men use one at least four times a month! (That is once a week or 52 times a year!)

The world as a whole 50% of men have employed a prostitute. These numbers are extremely high, scary in fact.

What is really becoming of our world? Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession in the world and one that will probably never disappear. But when the average age of a girl becoming a prostitute is age thirteen, I don’t think we can sit by. One of the leading factors of seeking the service of prostitutes is the person has engaged in some practice like pornography and have morally accepted it.

Pornography is also one of the leading industries in the world and in my opinion just as horrible as prostitution. In a way it is free prostitution with the benefit of still being a virgin if you want to please your traditional parents but Matthew 5:28 makes me think twice about that notion. It says: “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” This also counts for women who have lustful ‘intent’ with others. In my interpretation, this is not intent to have sex but can also be lustful intent to see him or her perform sexual acts for one’s own gratification.

Furthermore, 97% of guys have watched porn at least once and though there are less statistics for women the lowest estimates are around 40% of girls have watched porn when estimates go up to 96% percent of women have enjoyed types of porn whether visual or through means like erotica.

I wonder one thing, what would happen if as Christian teenagers and young adults we made it one of our goals to reduce those percentages in our generation and in the generations that will follow. Yes those are large numbers but it only takes one to start a movement and I myself swear to never watch or read pornographic material.


Myn Kobayashi


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