Ozai’s Angels

Ozai's Angels

If anyone knows me, they know my favourite show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, and these girls are the Villainesses Azula, Ty Lee and Mai.

Azula, is the teenage prodigy firebender, and Princess of the Fire Nation, who is smart, cunning, never let’s her guard down, evil, beautiful, and inspires complete obedience. But cannot flirt for her life 😛

Ty Lee, is a young noble, who is cute and flirty, and ran away from her family to be a gymnast in a circus , because she had seven sisters who were equally cute and flirty.

Mai, the unemotional, goth, depressed, uninterested daughter of a General, and is a trained to fight with knives and Stilettos (Not the high heels, it’s a type of dagger). And later dates the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko.

These three girls captivate me by their stories, they fight on a team tracking down the protagonists, they were friends as children, and all grew up in high society, but they all ended differently.

Azula, as seen in the first picture on her throne and second practising her bending abilities, her talent, the third is her only time, we see her weak side with her one quote “My own mother thought I was a monster” pause guard up again “She was right of course, but it still hurt” and last after going into complete insanity after the betrayal of her only friends.

Ty Lee, in the first , the cute little circus girl, the second fighting, the third responding to the why she had attention issues and as Mai said “Needed 10 boyfriends” and she says “Circus freak is a compliment, because that’s what made me different” (Paraphrased). And last after spending jail time for her betrayal of Azula, she becomes a Kyoshi Warrior and finds where she belongs.

Mai, the first is her bored self, as she awaits “something to do” I’m gunna skip over two for now, and number three is here “flip out on the beach” after Zuko complains she has no emotion at all, and we learn about her past. And back to two is her when Zuko is trying to escape from jail for siding with the protagonists, Azula and Ty Lee go to fight Zuko, (and two other protagonists Suki and Sokka) on a gondola, and when the soldiers went to cut the cables, after Azula and Ty Lee were safely on the other gondola. Mai betrays her country by fighting off the whole lot of soldiers and started back the gondola to do as what she said when asked “I’m saving the guy who dumped me” When Azula and Ty Lee arrived back, and Zuko had escaped, Mai replies to Azula (My favourite line) “I guess you don’t know people as well as you thought you did, you miscalculated, I love Zuko, more than I fear you” and then prepares to dual Azula, but Ty Lee has to choose between her friends, and chooses Mai, and temporarily paralyzes Azula, they attempt to run, but are caught and thrown in jail where Azula says” I never need to see them again, and let them rot!” and the last picture is where after the defeat of Azula and her father Fire Lord Ozai, Mai was released and rekindled her relationship with Zuko, as she says right after that picture when Zuko asks how she got out “My uncle pulled a few strings, and it doesn’t help that the new Fire Lord is my boyfriend”

It’s incredible really, they started so similar, but Azula was always the one on top, yet Azula ended up going insane, and Ty Lee found where she belonged, and Mai got her boyfiend.

They may be fiction, but there are some life lessons:
A Hunger for Power leads to destruction (Or Insanity) (Azula)
Those who seem to be alright are normally the most hurt (Azula/ Ty Lee)
Those who are around the most people are often the loneliest (Ty Lee)
You have to satisfied with who you are (Ty Lee)
Standing up for what you believe is Important ( Mai)
You sacrifice for those you love (Mai)
All who are evil will have to pay (Azula)
Position and power isn’t everything (Azula)

Hope you enjoyed this post,
WATCH AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER (best character development and plot ever)

Myn Kobayashi ❤


5 thoughts on “Ozai’s Angels

  1. Hey, I love Azula. And Ty Lee is really pretty and a good fighter. Kinda always hoped that Zuko and Katara would hook up instead of Mai and him though

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