More Than Conquerors

More Than Conquerors

this one is gunna be more personal
I am not just a blog author I am a fictional writer but I have a severe setback, I have Dyslexia, I could barely read when I entered grade 6. I remember in all my years growing up even at my 11 and 12th birthdays I needed people to read the cards for me.
I was homeschooled although elementary and middle school because of my disability to read or speak. ( I also suffer from a severe speech impediment)
But then came around a program that changed my life, it’s called Quizzing, we memorize the Bible and quote it. My parents were hesitant to let me join because they thought I’d fail but it was a dream I’d always had. So they let me.

This is now my 6th year. To listen to me after years of quoting and being able to read the words I’d memorized, you would never know I had two severe learning disabilities. I speak practically normal, I slur some S’s in words like school and stop when I’m talking fast. My mind still plays tricks on me. But no I was able to become an international quizzer and this is my third year of high school, I’m a social science person. So I end up writing lots of reports and stuff and I’m find for the most part and I write novels.

My point here is not to brag about how amazing I am, my point is to show that it’s possible. You can be more than a conqueror, I don’t let my Dyslexia hold me down from being a good writer or quizzer or scholar. Don’t let your weaknesses or disabilities hold you down.
With God’s power you can be anyone you put your mind to
Never give up on your dreams
Myn Kobayashi


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