Dear Guys,

Dear Guys,

Hello, it’s Myn here, I guess you already knew that though (that was for Avatar fans)
So this isn’t a bone to pick, because I know a lot of awesome guys.
This is a letter to guys, girls you can tell me what you your opinion is if you wish

Dear Guys,
You are all special and unique in your own way. One might not be as athletic as another or musically talented or smart or funny but there is special talents you all have.
and guess what if you were all the same, that would make it a little boring for relationships or friendships. Even if there was like four different guys. Like excuse me here what aisle has the jocks, oh and what aisle the nerds? and what the musicians? and what the class clowns? Like if that was the case we may as well go shopping. Like wouldn’t that be great if we could just return to the store or replace or walk up to customer service and be like “well your store doesn’t have bad boys, but walmart does. So if you don’t find me a bad boy I’m gunna go to walmart. Deal with that!”

side note for girls: isn’t that what we kinda do with God sometimes, you can’t get me the guy I’ve been waiting for I may as well turn to my own devices

back to guys

Guys, my point is this we love you different, just the same as you like us different. Some girls like you dark others blonde. Some like funny some like serious. The list could go on, but be who you are and that’s the best you can be. I’m not gunna tell you that there is a girl out for you there, because sometimes there ain’t.

Another thing, friends are amazing, personally no offence to my female friends but a majority of the time I’d rather surround myself by males. Not all the time because some of you aren’t. I’ll tell you things that turn me off and I know many other girls too. I have to admit some girls are different.

1. Don’t be dirty: I mean like seriously, you should know this, if you are a teenage guy, you really think girls like that. When I hear guys talking like that what comes to my  mind is if they talk like that when girls are around what do they do when we aren’t. And I hope they don’t talk about me that way. my friend actually said this three months ago  “I liked him, he was great, the only thing is he talked about other girls, like more than just admiring them, that turned me off”

2. Don’t be gross: please you know what I mean, just no, don’t do it

3. Watch your mouth: This means swearing, profanity, yeah, really it doesn’t make you cool, to me a Christian girl it is thing I watch out for the most. My friend once said “There was this hot guy, then he opened his mouth” And more than just swearing, like it says in James 3, taming the tongue is the hardest thing. But every kind word is appreciated, every unkind deadly. I heard a quote once and it is so true “tell a girl she’s pretty she will remember it for a moment, tell a girl she’s ugly she’ll remember it for a lifetime” I’m 16, I am considered pretty by most, I’ve been complimented countless times, but every time I’ve been  called ugly has stuck with me, the compliments don’t take away insults. Think before you speak basically.

4. Be respectful to girls, be a gentleman, if you defend a girl’s honour or show her respect she will never forget it. My best friend, who is a girl, is very protective of me like the girl who yells at guys “Stay away from my best friend!” she has actually yelled that at two guys before. But one guy stood up for me and she told me afterward “that is the only guy I would approve you being with” I laughed it off, but I respect that guy above any other guy I know. Also a boy I know use to terrorize his twin sisters that were a year younger; I get it Jr. high not liking siblings is cool. But me and my friend explained to him that girls look at how you treat others especially their sisters and mother. He’s been a sweetheart ever since every time he did something to his sisters we’d asked nicely “would you do that to Reyna” (the girl he liked). So think how you treat others as you would treat a potential spouse it is good practice for marriage, because it’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick.

5. Don’t Flirt with every single girl I use to know a guy who use to message me every day saying “Hey beautiful” “Hey, gorgeous” whatever, I never took to heart what he said. It use to make me angry , like no!  A compliment rightly placed is precious. If it is normal it means nothing. (unless you say it to a girlfriend/wife sincerely) I don’t take to heart what flirty guys say, because I know it doesn’t matter who I am he’d say the same. And learn the difference between flattery and complimenting someone.

6. Be a Gentleman open doors, be respectful,  take something heavy, treat with respect. Don’t shy away from “woman’s work” I’m a girl, clearly, I like guys who don’t mind cooking, I can cook whatever, but it’s still nice to know.

7. Children Yep, them, they are cute, you might have some little siblings, or be and uncle, but yeah, most highly ranked quality is good with children

8. Best Friends, My best friend is a girl named Genevieve  (pronounced the French way), but many of my other close friends now and in the past are males. Which I find amazing, but let’s get to the point, I would never consider dating a guy, unless he was a close friend or a best friend, all relationships (romantic or otherwise) are futile  unless based in trust, and some guy you just meet probably not the best choice. And you trust those you have as best friends, and you probably know most of the dirt about them, so it’s not like you are gunna get into a relationship and find out that your now girlfriend is addicted to porn, or a cutter, or has Anorexia, or from a broken family etc. You need to be aware and accept it that you do not hold it against them and have forgiven them but they still need to change/ or help.

9. Show your Faith One of the most commendable traits, is a young man who is not ashamed to go all out for his faith. Someone you can tell by their action, love, kindness that Jesus has worked in their life. To be honest out of the many guys I know who claim to be Christians, I understand they might of said a prayer when they were six, but on a daily basics they don’t look that much different from the guys I go to school with. And read Corinthians God commanded that Men are the leader of the Faith in the family. Not ought to be, but are. And I see way to much that girl’s take on the role of spiritual leader. Don’t get me wrong girls should be strong in their faith but men  are suppose to be the head in a family, so when you are a teenager you should be preparing yourself for the honoured and most important job of keeping your family strong in the Lord.

10. Emotions, yeah touchy subject, you don’t need to be all about emotions, but let’s be honest we all have them. I myself am not the kinda person who is openly emotional, I’m the kind who keeps things inside and only let people see what I want them to. But being honest (after gaining trust) is a privilege  of having a friend. That doesn’t mean you need to be an open book, not a good idea, is way to get hurt. But do unto others as you would have them do unto you Golden Rule. My friend said to be about a week ago “I’m sorry I just loaded all that onto you, now you have to worry about me”  and I told him honestly “If I don’t want to be there for as your friend, I’m a horrible friend” my point being  listen to others, let others listen to you. Don’t bottle everything up inside. I tell only three people my secrets, really, but out of that three I can’t say they all know every secret.

I didn’t put theses in order

This is becoming a very long post so thank you for reading all of it.

although I have a lot to say in this area.

please feel more than welcome to comment,



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