Hello, this is Myn, and I’m accompanied my Rihanna Fenty, Stefani Germanotta Katy Hudson, and Kesha Rose Serbert. And I bet you wouldn’t of been able to tell me who Stef Germanotta was, even though if I said Lady Gaga you’d know. Probably wouldn’t know Katy Perry’s real surname was Hudson. But you’d probably be quick to denounce these four young woman.

I do not commend the practices of these pop stars but the point is
people do not think… if someone is famous they are free game to judge and denounce, please let me know where the Bible says that. Ever heard the saying hate the sin love the sinner. Most I believe, are aware that Miley Cyrus followed in her role model Brittney Speare’s footsteps. And also good kids, look around and go “oh wow how could Miley do that?” and could anyone of told me there was a Christian singer Katy Hudson, who fell away from her faith 7 years ago and is now known as Katy Perry.

As mentioned in my last post I  taught a group of young preteen girls last year, who managed not only to have no clue what faith was but also denounced Ke$ha, Katy and several others. This is common practice they speak of the secular world in third person.  sorry to break the news, but we sin too ( :O ), and are sin is just as bad as Ke$ha’s or Lady Gaga’s or Hitler or anyone us.

So do me a favour stop judging others, I am not the most optimistic person, the one who is realistic, the cup is not half full, half empty, it simply has water in it. So I look at Rihanna I don’t go oh horrible person, I go person, who made her mistakes and “How can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard” (Roman 10:14) I we are so  phobic about going into the ‘secular’ world. Well God put us on the earth to bring others to himself.

ADVICE 101: Well get out of your little Christian lives stop judging those who  have not heard, and  tell them.

Just don’t pity, don’t judge, don’t be phobic, let your life be the proof of God’s love ( I even stole that from a song)

When my friend came up to be and said would you still be my friend if you found out I was a cutter, or a drug addict, or porn addict, or I aborted a child would you say yes?

Jesus would,

He wouldn’t be in the private Christian school or homeschooled, he’d be in the worse of the worse, he’d be hanging out in the Smoker’s pit, he’d be the one with the arm around the girl horrified at killing her own child, Jesus would be in the dirt for He says in Matthew 9:12 “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” in response to why he was hanging around “sinners” are you gunna be the kid who gets asked why you hang out with the “sinners” the ‘bad’ kids. I really hope you are. For “Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did” (1 John 2: 6)

One final verse Romans 2: 3 “So when you, a mere man, pass judgement on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgement?”

Be mindful, my friends, gossip, judgement are very hard to resist, but strive to be like Jesus

Ponder these thoughts


Myn K


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