Sunday School Sucks……Let’s be honest

Sunday School Sucks......Let's be honest

Welcome this fine and warm early October day, 🙂

Wow I probably got your attention, so I have been teaching Sunday School for 6 years now and all I have ever discovered is how dumb and ludicrous it is. Hold up take my points.
I go to a very nice church, a large church of almost 3,000 which has over 600 children from grades 1-6 and it’s pathetic.
I supply taught last year instead of full time because I was super busy from school, and here I was the second last week of Sunday school, June 15th ish, Grade 3 & 4, so these lovely girls were 8 & half-10, and I asked them a question Are you saved? If so what does faith mean to you? and how has it affected you?
part A “Yes”
part B . . . . wait for it . . . wait *Nothing* their papers were blank they did not the question

Case Study:
When I was 9 years old (how old did I say these girls were?) I dedicated my life to Jesus, as a missionary, I was already saved, but that day I promised I would serve him.

Genevieve, my best friend, by grade four, had researched Hinduism, Islam Etc and come to the conclusion that God was indeed the only way.


We were completely able to do these  things at their age, yet they stare at me with blank faces…..after at least an entire year, this is not the first week, no the last. Every single girl claimed to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ yet none could think of any evidence, their faith meant nothing.

Sunday School teachers that means you failed your responsibility, parents you do, older siblings yeah!

Don’t tell me they are too young, neither Genevieve nor I are geniuses, we weren’t in university at these ages, we just looked for knowledge and gained it.
I firmly believe that at the age of nine any person, without a mental disability or something else effecting clear thought, should be able to understand what faith means and you have been able to point out some difference.

Otherwise what is faith? nothing

Read James 3, it discussing how faith without works is nothing
It is clear that works do NOT save you

but the verse “and I will show you my faith by my works

If your life looks just the same as the other guy beside you, how much merit do you place on your faith?
Children need to rise up in this generation

A question to all: How do you expect children to not fall away in adolescence if they have no foundation?
I am pro abolishing Sunday School unless it has some effect on the life of children

Canada, (where ever you are from), we need to wake up, so many people fall away in Jr. high because they have no foundation, please find a “Timothy” and build into him / her.
 Teach children values
Teach children not to be judgemental (I will touch more on the  subject)
Teach boys to respect girls and be gentleman
Teach this next generation to rise up

but most of all teach children what faith means!

“and how can they call upon the One, they have not heard?”

a Teenager (Not some old woman) 🙂


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