You Don’t Even Know

You Don't Even KnowLet’s be honest, you don’t even know

The only way someone can know how an eating disorder feels like is if you have experienced one. And nearly 30 % of teenage girls in Ontario have problematic eating disorders. Yeah look around your school 3 out of every ten girls you see are suffering in one way due to their eating practices. And another shocking stat Anorexia alone holds a death rate over 12 times larger than all other causes of death combined in teenage girls age 15-24.

You see the issue is that Anorexia is not only a physical dieses that effects your body and its weigh, no it messes with your mind. That’s why it’s called a mental health issue, it is as you can see in the mirror, very skinny, but sees herself as slightly overweight.

Case One: there is this girl named Tia, she is 15, 5’4, athletic, strong, and weighs 105 pounds. To be a ‘normal’ weight she should be around 120-140 pounds. She’s not the kind of girl people pick out how unnaturally skinny she is. Because of her athletic build she is even skinner than her weight lets on because  her frame shows she is well built but her waist is nothing. This is an example of  how it’s easy to look right past without noticing

 Case Two: Owena  is Tia’s twin, who is also 15, athletic etc, but is only 5 ft and weights 160 , to be healthy she should be around 110-135 pounds considering her muscle, but is  slightly over weight.

Combined: Tia hates being not noticed that she’s skinny, and if it’s by Owena telling her to fatten up. Owena on the other hand feels like everyone compares her and Tia, and if it wasn’t for Tia she wouldn’t look over weight at all.

This is the issue with our generations.

Is it really worse to be frightening skinny than to be overweight?

Just some thoughts,

maybe you should be more sensitive when talking about weight




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