Why I am Not a Feminist

Why I am Not a Feminist

Hello, so this is my little pet peeve. Hardcore Feminists. This quote is exactly what I think the world should be ” a real woman can do it herself, but a real man won’t let her. I don’t think when a guy opens a door, “oh he thinks I’m incapable” no I think “he’s being a gentleman”

To be honest, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a strong girl, it’s free to say stronger than a lot of guys. People don’t like to pull the whole “your a girl comment” because as I heard one guy say “she’ll beat the crap out of you” Which is probably true, I’m not one to back down from a fight, like the whole I’m a girl, doesn’t make me incapable. But that’s not what 21st Feminist, like we’ve been able to vote in Canada for 96 years now, we can pursue any career, we can be MPs, play sports everything. But this is what I don’t agree that it’s accepted that woman will go into the workforce. Like what if I want to be a  housewife! I’m a woman, can’t I just not go to university, I can work at McDonalds until the right guy comes around. But no! Woman are not only expected to work, but it’s accepted, in this sense I’m not using the word accepted as if allowed, no like a synonym with “a given”, like who would think twice. It’s a given that women will pursue careers.  Like I’d get a less strange a look from my mother if I told her I wanted to be a scientist ( I don’t like Science) then I would from what I’d get from general society if I said I wanted to be a housewife and pursue no career.

Also woman in first world nations are given more rights then men, like for instance if I wanted to be a firefighter and my brother wanted to be a firefighter, the amount of weight I have to lift is less. Well, that’s safe. No it’s not, I have no issue with women being firefighters, but if they cannot reach the requirements they should fail just like any man would. Girl, accept it men as a majority are stronger than the majority of woman, you should really come to terms with that. Maybe meditate or something…..

Also, my biggest issue, is look back 50 years ago, 1963, right around one of the biggest feminist movements, there was such a thing as if a girl was walking up to a door a man held it for you. If a woman was carrying  a heavy bag  a man would offer to take it. Wow manners, guys tipped their hats, pull out chairs, ask father’s to date their daughter etc But somewhere in the last fifty years men  as a majority turned from gentleman to boys who never grew up. Their stuck in the cooties stage without cooties.

Well my thoughts on why I wish to punch a girl who is a feminist in the 21ist century, or many other times

Equality is have equal rights, not having superior rights

I am a woman who can do it on my own, but I want a man who won’t let me




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