My Version of The Walking Dead

Hey, I bet all of you have heard of the popular television show The Walking Dead I personally have never seen an episode, but let me tell you, if you saw me now you’d think I was the walking dead. For the past two months school has gone on, I am in grade eleven and I’ve been pretty much killed and then ran over repeatedly. Everyone sees me now can tell.

But I wasn’t always this way, for my junior years I sat back and enjoyed the ride, and I have to advise not to. For two years I let my marks do whatever they wanted. I don’t like bragging, but pretty much, I am very street smart, memory and logic and charm have always been my best weapons. Throughout my junior years I relieved on them almost entirely, now that I want to do well I have to make a coalition between them and my intelligence, and it’s been a lot of work but it has paid of in my marks.

But back to my walking dead, I use to stay up late texting people, but not anymore I have become a person who sits and does her work, and afterward falls into bed after midnight, only to do it all again in six hours. So I look like the walking dead with a pile of books 😛

But take my advice, try in the younger grades it will make life easier in the long run



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