No Grandchildren of God

young_vs_oldHey, so this Sunday it was a guest speaker and he started saying “there is no grandchildren of God” then went into a long sermon about how older people were to teach the younger, and how to be a mentor if you have older children or your children are moved out, and my thought was “oh I thought their was no grandchildren of God? that we are all equal under the law of liberty. But no in sermons way too often we are preached that if you are not 20plus, 30plus, 40plus , whatever you cannot mentor people. Well sorry I broke that. Someone who is fifteen can mentor someone fifty. Faith is something that age has no effect,  and I find that a lot of the time those who are younger, are more versed then other’s who more prejudices and things have effected their beliefs and often get the whole superiority thing. Well sorry many those who are younger have studied the Bible more, and I’d like for more people to read  Timothy “Do not let people look down on you because you are young’

I am not saying that every person who is younger is better versed, but I think it should not be expected that they are not. For me I am 16 years old and I have often been told that “I’ve had a lot more experience” or something well I don’t care how long you’ve been a Christian that doesn’t mean you are better versed. Like Helen can buy Robin Hood when she was 15 and read it once and now she’s 85, and Fredrique could be 15 now and read Robin Hood 8 times in the last year, even if Helen has known the story of Robin Hood for sixty years, and Fredrique for one, that doesn’t mean Helen automatically knows the story of Robin Hood better.

Well just some thoughts




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