So I’ve noticed that a lot of the time guys progress in their compliments…..

What are we to do? What is black what is white and what is just plain grey?

Guys, these are some definition for complimentary  terms.

Cute: I think of is childish, and like a ten year old girl, a very innocent girl, but this is debatable some girls like it. But some might have panic attacks or be offended if they are sensitive about being young looking. Of course it is very different when a girl refers to a guy as cute then it is interchangeable with good looking.

Pretty: is normally thought of as the shy way to tell a girl you think she looks nice, it  is also the friendly way anyone can say you look pretty to a girl a few times and it’s endearing and nice. There is also really/very pretty which is normally the definite crossing line between a friendly compliment and a compliment that means something more.

Hot: this is grey, very grey, personally I’m not and overall fan of being called ‘hot’ it just kinda makes me feel like I’m a slut or something, that’s personal though, it is mixed with mixed views but I’m giving a firm warning out to girls, that if a guy is calling you hot, it is like a yellow light, stop if no interest, otherwise proceed with much caution. For girls

Sexy: this is the level, where depends on how strict your upbringing you will have varying degrees of grey to jet black. For me it is a fairly dark grey, but depends on the situation it can be okay, if you are dating it is definitely a lighter grey because hopefully you have boundaries and you are joking around. It really a personal preference whether you are okay with it, but  it is definitely a yellow light counting down. It is something to really question whether you are okay with this reference, Because at this point it is 95 % of the time referring to your body. Same thing it’s into the grey with girls calling guys sexy it’s definition is “sexually exciting or appealing” so the way you use this word should be cautiously for both sexes.

My Preference and many girls:

the way in which I (and many other females) would prefer to be  referred to as beautiful/ gorgeous like to be called hot or sexy makes me just feel like I’m not special just eye candy or something. To be called beautiful or gorgeous is special, even if it is it is from a total jerk, so keep that in mind guys and girls be careful

Have a lovely late fall day,



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