Look Down

ValjeanHello, this is a portion of the opening song from one of my favourite musicals Look Down from Les Miserables, I love it because it shows how one mistake can bring down your entire life, but you can choose weather to live a “good” and “honourable” life or one of evil. Read these lyrics and then I’ll talk 🙂

Now bring me prisoner 24601
Your time is up
And your parole’s begun
You know what that means.

Yes, it means I’m free.

It means you get
Your yellow ticket-of-leave
You are a thief

I stole a loaf of bread.

You robbed a house.

I broke a window pane.
My sister’s child was close to death
And we were starving.

You will starve again
Unless you learn the meaning of the law.

I know the meaning of those 19 years
A slave of the law

Five years for what you did
The rest because you tried to run
Yes, 24601.

My name is Jean Valjean

And I am Javert
Do not forget my name!
Do not forget me,

Okay, I am back, so as you probably got, Valjean is being released after 19 years of prison for stealing a loaf of bread to save his nephew’s life, Javert, an officer, tells him he is free of prison but will never be free of shame and condemnation and to never forget. The rest of the musical focuses on several other secondary characters and how they impacted the lives of Valjean and Javert and their conflict. Javert is confronted again, again with the question weather an ex-convict like Valjean is capable of being a good and honest man, or if they are evil they are evil for life. Well I am not going to tell you the result, but you should watch the musical Les Miserables.




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