Society’s Truth


So a guy once told me he was bisexual because he can tell if other guys are attractive and not. My response: I can tell when girls are attractive or not. I bet your immediate response was similar to his “well of course, lots of girls can” well please explain to me what is the difference?

As illustrated in the picture only girls tell guys are attractive, if I went up to a girl I didn’t even know and told her I thought she was beautiful, she would be flattered, and I doubt that she would think “is this girl lez?” But even if  two males that are friends, and one says “man, you just look really nice today” I can bet he would get a weird look, or at least the internal would be slightly wondering if their friend was gay. Do you really want to know what the difference between these situations are? What society has taught  us.

In Africa, and many places around the world they use to have a practice of killing  mothers of twins, along with their twins. Why? Simply because they had a belief that if twins were born one was the child of the devil and one of man, so since they could not tell which one was which they killed both, and the mother for having sex with the devil. Was this correct? Certainly not. But because of the society’s belief it was accepted and done.

So does the practice of categorizing males as bi or gay because they find other males attractive true? Certainly not. It is simply what society tells us is truth. Like that’s saying that every guy I find attractive, I am attracted to, that is not true. I have not met very many guys that I would consider unattractive  if I take into account their looks, personality, and  attributes,  but I am not attracted to the vast majority of males I meet.

Just some thoughts to ponder,

Myn Kobayashi


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