Dating Ethnics According to Myn: Who Asks?


“Oh my gosh! he is just so cute!”

yeah I’ve heard it a million times. Today I got into a half hour argument at my lunch hour over dating ethics.

My good friend likes this guy, who likes her but he is really shy when it comes to her. And the fall Semi Formal dance is coming up, everyone wants them to go together, but thus far he has not asked. Well, this is where my lunchtime argument comes in my male friend proposed that my friend Voleta asks Quinn to the dance because he is to shy, but both Voleta and I firmly disagreed. I believe as my anti-feminist and pro gentleman self that it is always the male’s responsibility to ask the girl as a manner of virtue. My friend argues that times have changed, but I firmly believe that if the woman asks the guy out then she will be pursuing him for the rest of his life. Not saying you can’t talk to a guy, or flirt with him, but never make the first formal move.

Well those are my thoughts,

Myn Kobayashi


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