What has Happened to Our Generation?

What has Happened to Our Generation?

Welcome to November 🙂
To get to the point I’m taking a grade 11 Psych class at my high school, which is great I love this stuff, But I started looking up stats for a project.
and found theses shocking results

Suicide is responsible for 1/4 of the deaths in Canadians age 15-24, which is the second largest next to accidents.

Canada’s youth suicide rate is third out of the developed world

Mental health is the second leading cause for hospitalization in youth

Half of those who suffer from Depression never receive treatment, and 1 in 5 of all youth in Canada suffering from mental disorders never receive any treatment.

20 % of all Canadians will experience a Mental Health illness during their lifetime

1 in 5 people in Ontario have Mental Health or addiction problems

10 % of all 15 year olds in Ontario are drug or alcohol addicts

70 % of cases are start in childhood or teenage years

27 % are afraid of being around people with mental illnesses

27% of Ontario girls (12-18) suffer from eating disorders

The death rate for females aged 15-24 with Anorexia is more than 12 times the amount of all other causes combined

I will add more, but as you go through your day remember these are real, and every person has people in their life who have been effected with mental illness, substance abuse, or other rough issues

I hope I could provide some knowledge and awareness,



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