Apparently I don’t look like a Christian

You know why I don’t look like a Christian? because my hair is dyed black,  please tell me how that predicts the heart? So why I say this is when I invited my friend to my youth group. She admitted  afterwards “I never thought you were a Christian because, you know your black hair, and  just the way you wear black make up, you’d never be accepted in my youth group”

I was like wow really?that really is sad

A guy I know traveled around a lot of churches before  he started at mine and he told me that one of the reasons he never stayed was because people found out about his past and rejected him.

How can those who are suppose to represent Christ, reject those who are broken? Those who don’t fit the description.

That is awful, and I hope that if you are a Christian reading this you will really be careful that this is not happening.

Jesus hung around taxcollectors and sinners, he told the religious rulers that the Prostitutes would be entering the kingdom of God before them.

Why so often do we not have the same philosophy?




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