The Purpose of Sex?


Well I went on to my wordpress  account today and I saw multiple posts about Sex.

All I have seen have the slogan  “Do it. Enjoy it. Don’t worry about it”

and I was like “Ahh no”

So since I am a Christian you can guess my opinion. But everyone considers it this: a strict, illogical, and melodramatic rule. But  whether you side with me or not let me ask you something what is the purpose of sex? enjoyment and pleasure will probably be the first replies.

Reproduction actually, why then is our world obsessed with a simple need? Is it because God tried to save the precious, most intimate human connection for the person you will hold a bond with for the rest of your life? Can’t say that sounds harsh or over the top.

For some bizarre reason a lot of people have the notion God is standing in heaven saying “Oh NO!  blasted ungodly sinner!”

No, He is just hurt that when he is trying to protect us from something, that we are too ‘cool’ to shut up and listen to him and say “Oh maybe our Father in heaven has a good point, maybe he did it for a reason” He is simply hurt by the fact he is trying to help us and we want to go and ignore his perfect advice.

So really, let’s face it what is the purpose of losing the chance of having your most sacred bond with your future spouse and him/her only?

It only seems logical,




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