Do we actually care?

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Hello, sorry I’ve been extremely busy with summatives and had no time to write a blog

But anyways, between midnight and one when I do my Bible reading most nights  I’ve been reading through the prophets in the Old Testament, and one similarity was starkly obvious: These dudes were heartbroken for others. (maybe excluding Jonah, who preferred the kill them all tactic).

But which category do we actually fit in, Micah or the writer of Lamentations crying out for the disasters which have happen or are going to. Nehemiah who tore his clothes  or do we fit more with the Jonah personality type “Why show compassion?”

if  you are a Christian ( like those that are confused as kind ones) you are called to be broken for the lost souls, broken for our world. Yet so many times we care about meaningless things instead of the things that actually mean something.

Can we justify caring more about the girl who broke up with her first boyfriend at 13 than her soul. (No offence, I’ve only heard of two couples whose relationship lasted from 13 to marriage)

But even not speaking about souls, just life, I had to watch a movie in Law this semester it was called Hotel Rwanda it was about the Rwandan genocide in the 90’s and they were fixated that if people in the western world could see how horrible it is they’d insist o the UN doing something. But a quote stuck with me “It wouldn’t matter they’d see it say “that’s bad” and then continue to eat their suppers” maybe will feel bad give some money, whatever. But do we actually care?

Do we care when someone we don’t know well is having a bad day? Do we care when someone failed a test and is really upset about it?

Just some fruit for thought,



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