Fruit for Thought


So I was going through one of my old notebooks and found this, I think it is very true.  It was a challenge I gave to some guys but it can go for girls too. Have you ever thought that maybe the girl that walks by doesn’t have it all together? It might be physical things hurting her she’s insecure about how big her nose is, or acne or her weight or anything. But that’s something we can all understand, at least once we’ve wished we looked different  or something was more like someone else. But we all like those around us to accept us for who we are whether we look amazing at any given time or not. But do we return the favour? A lot of people, I’d say the majority, if they see a person is not all that polished weather this girl/guy is broken emotionally/mentally or might not be the most physically appealing they walk them by. I felt for a time that once a person saw all my rough edges they’d stop caring and walk away, especially my male friends would. But I met one friend who didn’t push me away when he saw my rough edges, instead he accepted me and helped me overcome some of theses. Yet he didn’t go it so he could date me or flirt with me or anything. And I’d just like to challenge you, guys in particular, to look how you can invest in girls’ lives. I go to a public school, there mostly they  have the mentality that the only reason they’d get to know a guy is if they’d like to hook up with them. I look at them in general and their romantic lives versus those I know have meaningfully close relationships with guys and their lives. I see that guys have a very strong influence on how vulnerable girls are and their security in being single versus finding their only worth in dating relationships. I just encourage you guys to build into girls without trying to lead them on or anything. Just honest friendship, I promise you their future husbands will thank you. Myn


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