Dating Ethics According to Myn: Age

Hello, I want to apologize that I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t posted much in the past two months, I apologize, as I start into the new semester come February my posts will pick up a lot more, for now this is to let you know I haven’t died.
My Opinion:

My opinion is that people should wait until they are ready, which maturity really depends on the person, but I would say as an generalization in senior high school the majority of people can handle a relationship. But my viewpoints on the different ages.

Under Ten:

I am definitely not pro under ten year old dating, like for goodness sakes they haven’t reached puberty if they are guys and if they are girls they might be just starting it. But they can’t have any definite understanding what love is. The sole issue with this is that means as they get older into early teens they have already ruined some friendships and is simply not healthy. Yet to my surprise 11% of people who did the survey thought that at age ten and under was appropriate for dating yet the average age of response was seventeen.

Ten to Twelve:

So I remember when I was this age, for most girls its the boy crazy stage or the tomboy stage, but the issue with this is that one smile from a guy means you are totally going to marry him. Not to denounce preteens but coming from a teenager’s point of view I can see  how harmful it can be, even though I once thought nothing was wrong with it. Boys are often in the cootie stage  [in my mind one of the most idiotic things a human being has ever come up with] the other half is hitting puberty and hormones are a little out of control so relationships are unwise at this time. Public opinion was at 5%.

Twelve to Fourteen:

Middle School dating this is almost painful sometimes because this is the overlapping stage of craziness, I told the guy “don’t worry most girls settle down from the boy crazy stage around 14 or so” and he responds “Well, that’s when guys start to go into a chick haze” And it’s true not all girls settle down but for the most part a smile a greeting from a boy doesn’t mean he loves me, and we can start to see guys as individuals and not pieces of meat which we are biding on. But guys are now ready for the market and it becomes almost a prize to be won. So this age group is still high risk because hormones are present, puberty has had its effect on most, yet maturity has not caught up. Yet 11 % of people thought at this age dating was appropriate.

High School:

So fourteen to seventeen you see a lot of differences, although for a fair amount of people they have acquired some maturity so this is the time it really depends on the maturity of the individuals and not on the age group itself. Although relationships should still be cautious. 26% of people said this age was appropriate for dating.

Senior High School:

I think this age is generally an age which you can conclude most people have the maturity to make a relationship work and not ruin a friendship. The only thing I notice in this age is a lot of girls are eager to have a boyfriend and guys are eager to have girlfriend because it’s in that state that the majority already have so you don’t want to be the one out. So I see so many people go for the first chance they get and don’t think it through, though hopefully by this age we have the maturity to make a relationship work anyways. Public opinion 32 %

University/ College:

By this time many people are moved out and more responsible, therefore can handle a more serious relationship, which I agree with, 16% said people should wait until this time.

Hope this was helpful, and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated on the quiz and/or on the comments

Myn Kobayashi


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