The Heart’s Eyes

But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart [Matt 5:28] Wow that’s a heavy statement. When we think of adultery or fornication [sex before marriage] we normally consider it the act itself. But God says in this verse that even if you look upon someone with lustful eyes you have fornicated or committed adultery. Let’s get something straight the male dominance noun and pronoun is simply the way of ancient writing not excluding women in their eyes.


Let see how this could take place.


A little obviously since it mentioned straight in the verse looking lustfully. But so many people say well it’s really not that bad. Sorry to break it for you but it is. It is the adultery and fornication of one’s mind even if not defiling one’s body. God makes it very clear in places like James Four that passions are just as sinful as the act itself, for without the passions the deed does not take place.

Don’t think I am coming down on guys here because I actually know more girls who struggle with this topic than guys. I also know that social porn such as Strip Clubs can be tempting and peer pressured into. For instance I know two guys who are born a year and two days apart one just turned seventeen and the other eighteen, the one who was eighteen spent his time talking up a storm about how he was going to Quebec to get ‘loaded and go to strip clubs’ the other  guy kinda sat there and laughed it off when the eighteen year old said “One year from now we’ll go together” and “I can give you my fake ID now” even if his friend missed the distressed awkward look in the younger’s eyes I didn’t.  I know he wasn’t on board with the strip club but yet he just laughed it off and if he had of been turning eighteen he probably would of agreed to go.

I’m not going to go into the things such as imagining things, and dirty thinking and all that because the same precepts apply to all kinds of lust.

Just keep in the mind whether you struggle with lust or not that God commands us to keep ourselves “unstained” [JAMES1] in all aspects and not simply those that we deem ‘bigger’ sins [which all sins are equal before God] also aspects that are secretive [such as porn] along with those that are obvious sins.


Myn K.



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