Greyline of Speech

Hello, so this is a topic which is relevant in everyone’s life

What is okay to say and what is not? How does swearing actually harm anyone?

Well, I’m a firm believer in people setting their own lines when it comes to grey areas. So I will tell you the truth as best as I can you make the conclusion, deal?

For instance swearing. Please anyone tell me one thing anyone gains by swearing? There is a lot of intelligent words you can use instead of  ***********  But the arguments are freedom of speech, the need to assert energy, the list is endless. I had a friend come up to me a couple weeks ago and ask honestly “But what is wrong with it, you say a hundred words a day. How are those words any different?

To be honest there is nothing in their structure which makes them any different from the rest of the language we use. The real evil lies in the meaning, these are words which are internationally accepted as “bad” and have negative effects.  For that reason alone I think it is good enough not to say them. An example of this my best friend and I were joking around about giving someone the pinky, like it would be really bizarre that’s really why the English people drink their tea with their pinky up. Her mom came in when we were joking around and said a pretty profound statement which has stuck with me “It is not the action that makes it wrong, but the mindset” So if you are replacing fudge or darn or crap for other words with the mindset of swearing. You are the same as committing the deed. God cares about the internal not the external.

Well you may ask then why can’t I swear then if I don’t have the intent then? Well there are certain words in language which as sweetly as you may say it,  will always have a negative meaning and we are called to live above reproach.

On top of that as Christians we should be telling others to go “fornicate” [to have sex out of marriage] which is the true meaning of the f-word. It actually doesn’t even make sense in a sentence. For example what would happen if this situation happened.

*drink spills*

You yell: “HAVING SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE  you, drink!!!”

You would get the strangest looks ever. So really you are making yourself look like you don’t have any clue what you are saying.

 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,

but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,

that it may benefit those who listen

Ephesians 4:29

So before you talk reflect on these questions

Is it morally accepted speech? (trouble? Think if you would be proud if your grandparent/pastor/mentor/boss/client would approve)

Is it building others up?

Is it beneficial to those around?

and my own input

Does it actually make you seem ignorant or unintelligible?

Hope this helps

Feel free to leave feedback or thoughts

Myn Kobayashi


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