The Importance of being Honest

See I was looking for inspiration and I realized I should probably find something I experience regularly and know a lot about. Well this subject  which I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I think I’m fluent in enough to write a post about it. This inspiration that I found came through my friend Sarah. 

She’s not an easy person to explain or summarize, so I will restrain from that common course of action.

All you need to know is Sarah is the  most dreadful and charming truthful person I have ever met. She will never sugarcoat, and never back down, but she is not meanhearted or malicious. She is just smart enough and has enough gumption to say what she thinks.

What I mean is Sarah is smart enough to know when things are appropriate to say, she is not frank in the aspect that she says everything on her mind at all times. To be quite honest, she’s not a big talker at all.

Then secondly, she has no fear of saying what she means. It’s nice knowing that if I ask her a question, like for example “How do I look?” Sarah will tell me if I look horrible, or honestly tell you if you look stunning that day. She does not feel the need to lie in order to not offend someone.

But she also does not feel a need to be malicious and because of this even when she says something that could be considered offensive she just smiles to let you know it’s true but that doesn’t mean I’m gunna rub it in your face. 

Because of this I deeply enjoy spending time with her. On the grounds when conversations are pure honesty, they are a lot more meaningful and depth in even the simplest ones. 

Fruit for Though, 

Myn Kobyashi

Me: “So Sarah, you said last year I was cocky”

Sarah: “No you are arrogant” (smiles)


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