‘Cause I wear my heart on my sleeve

I wrote yesterday about makeup addictions in regards to the dangers of being ashamed of who you are. Today’s topic goes hand in hand. One thing that goes on in high school, (and let’s face in elementary, college and everywhere else) is that 97% of the population is looking for the one. Well, in high school it’s not the one, it’s anyone who will tell me I’m hot and or kiss me.

Every girl wants the attention of someone who will tell her she’s beautiful or just worth it, same with guys. We want to be loved and often because of this we will wear our hearts on our sleeves available to anyone who will give us the time of day.

Our parents and friends yell at us “Protect yourself, don’t give away your heart!!” and we internally hold back the “Screw you, hypocrites!” We all have heard this line it sounds like a broken record, and we know they want it just as much as us.But why “protect” myself? I don’t need to be thirty-five to find the love of my life and I definitely don’t need to be that age to get a person to kiss me.

Well,  I don’t get it, well I do we don’t want to get hurt so we’ll wait until Mr. or Mrs. Right shows up. My apologies, on your disappointment, but one and only won’t come riding in on a gleaming horse with shining armor and break down all the walls you’ve built up, because you are afraid of touching the opposite sex. On the other hand, finding a spouse does not mean you fling yourself at every available half-good looking, semi-nice person you meet. There needs to be a happy medium, a compromise between the two extremes.

Moreover, dating when you are young is perfectly acceptable yes you may not marry the first person you date but that’s not a sin. You can have some experience without being worried about crossing any lines. If you are lucky you’ll end up with the person who stole your when you were fifteen. But you are just as fine if you have a break up or two. For teenagers who have had their hearts broken often know how to better cope with crises in adult life; as well as heartbreak normally leaves the person with greater maturity from dealing with their own experiences and learning some lessons.

So to sum up, The lyrics ’cause I wear my heart on my sleeve, if you cut me I’ll bled (Manafest) illustrate very well, teenagers giving or desiring to give their heart away to anyone who will have them. But my advice would be to pull that heart off your sleeve and make your decision with your heart and head and not just based on the desire to be wanted.


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