Four Intrusive Questions People Shouldn’t Ask

These are just some question you should think about before asking, unless you are a close friend.

1) Asking newlyweds why they aren’t pregnant or when they are going to be pregnant?

No just because people get married doesn’t mean they want kids nine months later. (But if you do that, then gossip arises about how it must of been a shotgun wedding.)

Why is this a bad question.

a) Some couples don’t get pregnant. Some can’t. Some want to adopt. Some just don’t want kids.

b) It’s none of your business. Whether you are wondering or not. it’s really not your concern.

c) It can be hurtful. Some mums struggle with conceiving, it can be really hard to keep shoving it in their faces.

2) Did you Really do it?

Whatever “it” is, it is something bad that you are shocked about. And if you ask the person and it is true then they will be embarrassed and awkward and generally uncomfortable. And if it isn’t true then they will be embarrassed that you  would ask such a thing. Just avoid doing so. Unless you are a good friend and you are worried about the person or trying to dispelling a rumuor.

3) So who do you like?

Why? this is the dread of a lot of people. Honestly, if I wanted you to know who I’d of told him already. Then you can find out from my facebook status or my red eyes.  So if I don’t tell you don’t ask.

4) When are you going to get married?

Same as before, but targeted at an older audience. Just because someone is over twenty-three and single does not make them bachelor/bachelorette for life. They  might not even want to get married. Some people can operate without love.


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