What I’ve learned about love in high school


I’m seventeen and I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in regards to love. But I think I got some understanding. First is: love is against our nature. We are born with the instinct to self preserve so it is hard to truly love someone. Because that means you put them first. Always.

There is no room for ‘I’ in love: there is room for us, we, and you. Doing something for your love benefits you since your utmost desire is to see them full of joy. It has nothing to do with how your heart beats fast. Nothing to do with the sexual vibes given off. Yes, it’s true romantic love normally results in sexual yearning. But that’s a branch off love not a cause of ‘falling in love.’

Second point: Sex and love are not the same. People who love do not always have sex. And sex does not equal love. Love is sacrifice. Love is the simplest but most complicated at the same time.

As I said I’m months from graduating high school and most people around me would claim to ‘have fallen in love’ at least once throughout their eighteen years. Yet somehow what I’ve experienced more and more is how much I suck at love. Even platonic love. How little amount of people I would actually drop ‘everything’ or even something to put a smile on their face. I’m selfish. I care more about me than I should. And unless I find that person I do sacrifice ‘everything’ for; than no I’m just in it for the sex and money . . . and myself.

Why do people get divorced so often? Two selfish people cohabiting in one room it’s like siblings all over again. Add screaming kids into the mix. It’s destined for ruin without a lot of selflessness and sacrifice.


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