Apparently I’m Plus sized now.

My sister brings up a valuable point here

Pamela Memmott

Me in 2009 Me in 2009

I recently came across some information that to be honest, left me peeved. You see, my husband (being the lean muscled type) is regularly subjected to sizest comments suggesting he’s too skinny. I’ve recently begun to get the opposite, as people have begun to suggest I might be pregnant as I’ve “apparently” put on weight since getting married. To be thorough, I weighed myself and discovered this wasn’t true. I will admit my proportions may have changed slightly as due to a concussion I haven’t been able to participate in sports or dancing for the last year, but am I really that noticeably bigger?

Then I came across a news article informing me that plus sized models were size 8+ these days. Being a size 8 since I was fourteen and considered jacked (I was training for and considering a career in the fire department), I’m not…

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