Let’s Thin Out The Psych Ward

In the streets of Canada lay the cry of the unheard who are not brave enough to reach out for help.  Mental Health accounts for the second most amount of hospitalization among youth and the suicide rate in Canada is the third highest in the developed world accounting for one in four deaths among fifteen to twenty-four year olds.  (ANAD, 2015) This death rate is spiked by eating disorders who have the highest mortality rate out of all mental illnesses and twelve times higher than the morality rate of all the rest of the causes of death for females fifteen to twenty-four. (ANAD, 2015)

Thus most articles would lead you to believe that the solution would be to spend billions more on improving the care for those ‘suffering’ from Anorexia Nervosa. I on the other hand see this situation for what it is discrimination. This generation has been raised in era of attempted redemption. The government,  motivational speakers and the school system all put heavy emphasis on educating people on discrimination and the freedom to be unique. Yet as normal hypocrisy is in the air as they try to control people’s lives with almost a communist zeal. One of their biggest ploys is that people who wish to eat less are mentally ill and must be in therapy or hospitalized.  This notion is absurd as obesity and over consumerism is at an all time high in the developed world. Should we not commend these brave men and women who resist the temptation of food.  Like so many activists or silent resisters of the past I predict that these who are condemned to live their lives institutionalized now will one day be the heroes and heroines of film, literature and comic books. So I stand here to present my case on how to give these people the recognition that they deserve and to thin out the psych ward when we are at it.

So we have these people who claim to have a problem and make the rest of the people with imbalances look bad? They discourage people from admitting to having a mental illness because of the horrifying high mortality rate. On a second note how people choose to eat is really not the government’s issue is it? If it really was the media would not promote such unearthly slender forms and all those diets for the average person to participate in.

People clearly idealize slenderness otherwise Barbie would not be a multitrillion dollar company and one must not forget the freeing words of Mehitabel Rogoosivik, Doctor of Societal and Behavioural Practices at Yale: “People are told daily that personality is what everyone is concerned about and I am here today to liberate you from this misconception. Beauty and appearance is what truly matters. One should not be expected to be false about their intentions and get to the truth that we all just care about what the other looks like.” (2018) With those words she freed the present generation from the enslavement of the past fifty years. So I ask again why does the government worry about trying to control youth’s eating habits. If one desires to starve themselves that is totally acceptable and if they die at least they were beautiful. Why do all these politicians waste our well earned taxpaying dollars on methods of slavery?

In fact rather than discouraging such practices I think it is time that one takes up the mantle to promote Anorexia Nervosa. It would indeed be great for society it would decrease such deaths and ailments as Diabetes,  heart attacks, and high cholesterol.  On top of that it would provide room for small businesses to grow because large food corporations such as McDonalds would become less prevalent.  And grow the industry of selling laxatives, cotton balls, cigarettes and other means of coping with hunger and providing weight loss. Which as many companies have been discouraged in the past for these items it leaves doors open for small business to grow as this trend cascades through the developed world.  (Kadri, 2017)  As large food  corporations  decrease in first world countries they would have to bring their industry elsewhere providing third world countries with the nutritional  products of fast food that have sustained our countries for so long.  (Sellers, 2017)

Furthermore, it also would lower depression because if the social stigma became obsolete it would no longer cause depression like the fifty percent correlation now.  Which is clearly a result from the demeaning way that the government and other ‘authorities’  treat Anorexics. Also with this push toward so called eating disorders people who are obese would clearly not feel stigmatized either. That would be impossible.

This promotion would also take the pressure off celebrities who feel judged for being a ‘bad’ role model because they starve themselves. I recently had an interview with up and coming pop star Zuleika Stirling known for portraying Megan Foster in FOX’s hit series Diary of the Average Adolescent.  Zuleika confided in me that she is ruthlessly degraded for being twenty-four, underweight and surgically altered and this somehow makes her a mistake for playing a twelve year old struggling with self esteem. She says quietly on the brink of tears “I just don’t understand it, I was uncomfortable in my body in my teens so I have been proactive in doing what I needed to do to make myself feel beautiful. I personally found plastic surgery and extreme dieting a very useful learning experience I would recommend it to anyone who has the inner strength to tough it out. Yet because of my personal lifestyle and choices the media would have me discriminated against. I will not stand for bullying that is why I will sign a petition to end the institutionalizing and intolerance of Anorexics ” (Beifong, 2017)

I would like to acknowledge Zuleika’s bravery in standing up for those who are too slight to do it themselves. The government, the doctors and the non profit organization would have you believe otherwise but we know better than to put our trust in them. That is why we turn our eyes to the saving grace of pop stars such as Zuleika Stirling who take up the mantle of such a heavy issue. When so many others try to persuade these people that they are mentally ill and must look into therapy, medication, or understanding from friends and family. They do not need your sympathy and help, they need your encouragement to persevere on this gaunt path.

I myself have no personal gain in this prospective because I am past age where I am concerned with beauty and I have no children of my own. But I support this issue because I think someone who is outside of the realm of emotional bias should show that this is not a fanatic’s dream it is the hope of tomorrow’s children.


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