Don’t Give Into Needing To Be Different

I love people and I love diversity of interests and hobbies but it really bothers me when people care more about be different than being honest. I’m a weird little person I have almost every kind of western music you could think of on my computer. One moment Kesha will play and the next Chris Tomlin or metal and then country. Because I listen to what I enjoy. I find so much that just because something is popular people shy away from them. For instance people who have introduced me to a song before it becomes a hit will suddenly hate it afterwards.

I encourage you to make your own decisions regarding music or style or any part of your lifestyle. It is important to be your own person but that doesn’t mean you have to deny parts of yourself in order to be unique. Being unique does not mean that Starbucks disgusts you or that you hate makeup and fashion.

My life is diverse because I am myself and no one else has the same quirks or exact tastes.I was the kid who listened to every Justin Bieber song I could find for eight hours straight before I would say that I didn’t like his music and now five years later I have a Bieber song on my computer and that doesn’t make me a stereotype. One day I will wear all my leather and black makeup and the next I can wear a dress or have a baggy sweater and glasses or a suit and I’m still the same person. I’m unique because of my different tastes not because I am defined by a less popular stereotype.

Embrace the things you enjoy and be open to all ideas and sadly that will make you different from the majority of those around you.


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