The Short Story of Lilias Lautherin

I was thirteen the previous spring before I personally met Arco Icarus and to be honest it was a horrendous instance. I had previously made the acquaintance of Neoma Quint who had told me the tale of woe which involved the young half prince winning her heart by his deeds and special words before stabbing her through. Figuratively of course. But still it was horrific tale especially for a girl of fourteen.

So when I had the questionable honour of making his acquaintance; I curtly told him ‘that he should have better honour if he expects to remain a prince.’ (You see his father executed his first wife in order to marry Arco’s mother who was never fully recognized as the queen. But now his half brother Absalom is on the throne and no one quite knows what will befall the young prince. Though probably nothing it has been two years with no known hostility) little did I know that this scoundrel would be my husband in less than five years times. But currently he was attempting to seduce the passions of the young and bashful Adelei Cadaow. It is quite cynical but looking at his lady choices it seems he looks for meek and adorable. Which is indeed strange.

I am never these. I am an early teenager: awkward but that never stopped me in my ambition to be what I wish. Some say I am too ambitious and aggressive. I like to look at it as though I know what I want and am not afraid to grasp it by any means necessary.

On my relationship with the Half Prince (as I nicknamed him) I bantered constantly with him and it definitely was not in fondness. It was simple really: I was the daughter of wealthy business owner and his brother was king; we could not directly be vulgar or offensive but that did not decrease the total insufferableness of the other’s presence.  When I was nearly fifteen and Arco had run his course with Adelei and they had ended on hostile but diplomatic terms. Princess Viveka thought to advise the king (her brother) that it would be wise to marry their insufferable half brother to the smart alack daughter of Pallas Lautherin in order to ensure a permanent treaty.

Yes, what I am is that saying Is I, Lilias Lautherin is engaged to my childhood nemesis.

And trust me he is no prince charming for my commoner blood.


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