Is Beauty of Any Worth?

A few days ago, I was going to visit my grandparents and I was travelling with my parents and on the way, they were raving on about my brother’s natural talents with cars and my sister’s talent with art and so on and I remarked somewhat sarcastically that they used up all the natural talents on their three eldest. As parents do, my mom replied that I also had natural talents to which I laughed and asked what I was inherently gifted with?

She gave me one response and that was beauty. I answered something about that not being a talent and she was silenced because I fall short on innate giftings. Yet still the words lingered in my head, as beauty is considered universal and the fact that I was born beautiful made me feel cheap. It made me feel as if I should feel ashamed as well as if I am only beautiful than that is not enough.

So I query what is the worth of beauty? Is there something wrong with it? Does beauty always lead to superficial lives? I honestly don’t know because I’ve never felt as if I am extraordinary especially in my appearance. As aforementioned, my siblings are all innately talented and as we have been reminded from old ladies to friends on countless occasions we are an attractive bunch. So I definitely would not say the fact that I am not a horror to behold is some special blessing neither would I consider the option that my looks are above average. Yet, I’d still like all of us to wrestle with weather being abnormally gorgeous is a gift or simply the luck of the draw that has nothing to do with who you are.

At any rate, take a listen to this song because the contrast is simply marvelous even if not a big fan of Glee. It wrestles with feeling pretty versus feeling unpretty. Natural versus superficial. Which I will be speaking about in my next post. Enjoy your time and please leave a comment 🙂  I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

Myn Kobayashi




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