Searching For One More Moment

Jane looked at her hands they were turning blue but nothing was present but numbness. She plunged her hands into the dirt of the orchard but then collapsed into the snow and screamed. Her best friend from childhood,her partner in crime,  her first love was gone. They had used the word missing but she knew what that truly meant. His brother had gone missing at first too and they had all been hopeful until they reported him dead. Blown to bits in an explosion that he could not have survived. Now Will had followed. He had left them for a better place. A place without war and machine guns.

Jane tried to stop. To cease to think as she buried her face in her cold skirt to attempt to dry her tears but the sobbing would not cease. It hurt to cry. It hurt to feel. It hurt more than anything before. Why hadn’t she fought for him harder?  They had been engaged but after his little brother died in Halifax, he wrote that it was not fair for her to wait for him. Now all she waited for was one more letter, one more thought, one more moment.

She dug harder, the dirt pressing under her nails and finally her blue hands clawed wood. She frantically pulled the small box out of the ground. It was a jewelry case. After Kirean had broken the news, she had informed her that Will had entrusted her to tell Jane that if anything ever happened to him he had one last gift for her buried in their favourite place.

Her shivering hands opened the lid and her eyes devoured the sight. She clutched the paper but could not finish as her eyes clouded over. In that moment she knew she would never be satisfied with life again.



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