An Open Letter To My Ex


All I ever hear about is how people hate their exes and how I should lament my wasted time and scream at you for screwing my life over. But that is not what this letter is about because you were not a waste of my time nor did you screw me over.

You were kind, humble and full of zeal and you showed me how to be considerate and how to embrace my passions unashamedly. You challenged me and made me really think about why I believed what I did. Through our relationship, I got to experience what it felt like to have a partner that communicates in a different way and I had to learn how to breach that gap. How people from different backgrounds look at things totally different and how could we both have our needs met in a mutually beneficial way. I got a glimpse into how it looks from someone else’s mind as you were honest and open with me.

I also began to understand more about myself what traits encouraged others and what parts of me were hindering. I found parts of me that I never realized were there surfaced while in a relationship and I had the joy and often the pain of working through those with you and others in my life.

I found love and acceptance that made me more confidant in myself and my abilities as well as in social interactions. I discovered that I could be more ‘myself’ and not be frightened or nearly as self conscious. Moreover, I  recognized that it was alright to be vulnerable and open about what I was going through and that this in fact was essential to a healthy relationship.

This is all to say that you have help shape me into the person I am today and I am grateful for your contribution for I am better because of the nine months we spent together. Thank you for all the crazy memories and talks until 5am. I appreciate all the good times we shared but I am more grateful for all the tears, all the hardships and all the lessons because that is what made me grow.

Thank you for investing in me and being a best friend and thank you for being brave enough to break my heart. I will be praying for you in this next chapter.




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