Do Names Change Personalities?

Welcome to the Christmas Season,

I have often thought of concept of how one’s name affects how they grow up and interact with others and was spurred to speak about it after watching a video by Jonathan Carlin. I was gifted with a difficult first and last name that allowed me to have the privilege of everyone mispronunciation it even after years of knowing me.  This along with the fact that I consider my name boring and boyish has spurred in me a desire to give my children really unique and interesting names that are easy to pronounce.

I have another friend named Valerie and she considers it old fashioned and thus goes exclusively by Val. Being anything else sounds like an old lady. A similar trend is found in my sister Pamela who is often thought be older by her name and does not like the older nickname Pam and chooses to go by Ela instead. What emotional relation would not be the same if you had another name. Does my sister more easily get jobs because people assume she is older and more experienced who really knows?

Then their are names that are given that identify your ethnic background on a resume or any sheet that people can judge you based on prejudices before they even meet you. Or names that have since become taboo? Like what about all the children named Isis in recent years because their parents liked it from Egyptian mythology and now have to live their entire life with a name that represents horror and destruction.

Or children who were born with the name Emily,  Sarah, Samuel, or John and can be one of ten thousand in a class room. How does that change self esteem and how one looks at their uniqueness. If someone is named after something in nature are they more likely to be environmentally friendly? It is all so interesting!

If someone is named Zephyr or Calypso are they more likely to be remembered and thus have higher esteem or are they teased and thus develop low self esteem.

I would argue that your name definitely is important in deciding who you are going to be. Of course there are many different elements that are more important but I feel like a name definitely is a subconscious contributor. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject or any fun stories to do with names.

Fruit For Thought,

Myn Kobayashi

Hears the link to the video that provided inspiration:



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