I aApril 29, 2017m a nineteen year old counselling student with a passion for helping those in need and writing fiction. I created Woods of Thought four years ago to be a Christian voice for myself and those around me who struggle with mental illness and controversial subjects. I have also shared my own fiction and reviewed media such as books, movies and television from a socially liberal but morally conservative viewpoint.

I hope that you enjoy reading the posts as I loved writing them. You can reach me through my Twitter or Facebook Page I check and respond to both regularly see below.


My Story

I was born a month early because of birth complications as the youngest of four children but developed slower than other children not talking until I was four. It became more apparent that there was something wrong with me when I did speak as it was near gibberish. I was eleven before my speech became recognizable and by that point I was only reading at a grade  level. Having Dyslexia and a speech impediment shaped my world with insecurity and loneliness and I can remember struggling with depression even as a small child.

Things became harder for me as I entered adolescence and began to struggle with Anorexia Nervosa and Self Harm. I was bullied relentlessly and stopped sleeping because of nightmares. I held on to my faith having God as my rock who guided me and provided me with the strength to continue. This gave me a passion to help those who are in need as well as the importance of literature in coping.

I would love to hear your experiences!

Myn Kobayashi


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